The G2 Experience

One of the most satisfying roles I have within my wide remit is as the
seating consultant for Bridson & Horrox. It is extremely satisfying to
know that you have not just sold a customer a new chair, but at the
same time you have improved their comfort and posture and eased
any back pain they had during their working day.

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Addition of Fulcrum CE desk range


Addition of Fulcrum CE desk range.

Addition of new Fulcrum Pro counter components – desk height modules to insert in a counter run, or at the end of a run.

Lacquer combination options added for some Fulcrum items (Fulcrum Pro Counters: Arrowhead, Panel T, Wing, Diamond, Arc and Box bases: reconfigurable tables on panel ends: Box and Arrowhead base coffee tables). [Top in veneer and base/vertical panels in white or black lacquer]

Natural Walnut MDF now available (in Group 2).



Ambus, Brevis, Juice

Major upgrade to Ambus Bench. Intermediate frames replaced with Power Towers, providing greatly enhanced cable handling. Redesigned metal endframes with internally accessible steel cable riser replacing plastic risers.

Addition of Flexible cable spine in white (YFTS/WH)

Presentation Centres reintroduced – accidently omitted from last price list. Presentation Centres now have dual purpose whiteboard/projector screen and the separate roller blind screen is no longer required. Prices have been significantly reduced as a consequence.

Juice – deletion of J leg option.



Addition of alternative bench frames: square and rectangular (on initial benches and side extensions).

Change to cost and make-up of bench height adjustment kits: now include more fittings and brackets.

New specification requirement: If a double-sided initial bench desk is to be used stand-alone, without add-on modules, you must also order a Central Power Tower (which fits lengthways not side to side) to provide both cable management and enhanced stability. If a cable tray is required it must be a new variant with a cut-out to accommodate the tower.

Note added that single-sided bench desks with sliding tops cannot be fitted with screens – floor standing screens must be used if screening is required.

Note added that transverse screens, screens with slatwall and ALU screens to fit X-Range bench are all available on request, POA.

Addition of cable spines in black, silver and white

Seating dimensions added at the rear of the X-Range price list.



Additions and deletions of fabrics and some changes to fabric price bands, both Sven and X-Range.

New G8E series chairs

We have added an outstandingly comfortable and attractive new mesh back chair to our seating portfolio, with matching visitors armchair on cantilever base. The working chair (G8E) has a high back which is adjustable in height, enabling the lumbar curve to be positioned wherever preferred: it also features a sliding seat as standard.