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How times have changed in the last 80 years. From the family-run printing firm that began life in 1933 to the corporate entity we have become today, I’m proud to say that Bridson & Horrox Group has embraced change and moved with the times. We’re not simply a printing company any more.

We’ve embraced diversification and the huge culture change seen in the printing and office products industries over the last 20 years. At the heart of that is the 42-strong workforce who are proud to represent Bridson & Horrox Group.

The biggest challenge facing the printing industry in the face of diversification has been developing it from simply delivering printed goods to providing other services too, becoming more customer-focused and adding further value with every interaction.

Twenty years ago it was unheard of for every member of a company to communicate with its customer base. Today, the 42 people who work for us have helped to craft Bridson & Horrox Group in to an all-encompassing business which specialises in printing, digital print, signage and design, and deal with our customers day in, day out.

Many of our services are joined-up to benefit our customers and provide them with a one-stop shop where they can come for all of their business needs. In today’s fast-paced life, how much easier is it to outsource all of your needs to one supplier than have to manage multiple relationships and timescales?

We’re here to make life simple for our customers and deliver an exceptional service to them, whether it be printing some fliers for them, helping them with designing and installing new signage at their premises, organising a mail-merge or facilitating their print and delivery.

Customer service is key, and at the heart of that is people. Everyone has an opinion and an idea about how things should be done, and there is always discussion by our staff as to how we can improve our service, learn from experience and add value for our customers. It’s energising to work in an environment where the team cares so much about what they do and how this impacts our customers; I’m sure not every Manx company can say they share the same ethos.

We were the first traditional printing company in the Isle of Man to install digital capability in the 90s, forecasting what the Island needed before even the market had identified that (we were one of the first companies in the UK to embrace digital printing), and that’s what we’ll continue to do in the future; invest in new technologies and services, and become real innovators for our customers.

Investing in Bridson & Horrox Group also means investing in our staff, and continuing to develop them as individuals and as a team. Loyalty and consistency are vital. We still deal with companies today that we first began serving in 1933, and we still bank with the same people we did then. That says a lot.

Loyalty, flexibility, diversification, superior customer service and investment are the keys to success, and I can honestly say Bridson & Horrox Group is looking to the future with these at the forefront of our creative thinking.

Darren Horrox – Managing Director, Bridson & Horrox Group

Bridson & Horrox has been certified to Standard Identifier eg ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope: Insert Scope from PMC Certificate Schedule. Certification is subject to periodic surveillance and re-assessment. For further information regarding the validity of the certification please contact Print and Media Certification on [email protected]